I know social media is important for my business

but, it’s just not working like I hoped.

Social Media Amplified.

How it Works:

“Social Media Amplified” utilizes a targeted relevant content, reach and frequency strategy within Twitter. We deliver targeted relevant content consistently into your Twitter feed as well as specific Twitter feeds Vigaroo has developed. In addition, we put to work a multiple hashtag strategy, creating interest in you, your brand or business offer. The results; high quality branding and qualified leads from your Twitter platform.

There’s a lot more to the art & science of what we do but, we don’t want to bore you with the digital details. However we can get specific when we talk.

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Auto-Pilot Social Media:

We relieve you of the work, worry, energy and time a robust, effective social media strategy takes.

We do the work, you respond to the leads.
Plans begin as low as $180.00 a month.

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Social Media Amplified:

Consistent marketing and relevant messaging are vitally important. However, most small businesses can’t invest the time, or they run out of things to say. Marketing efforts take a back seat and sales slow.

We solved the problem with Social Media Amplified. It’s effective, affordable, and since it’s on auto-pilot it’s extremely efficient.

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Social Media Amplified

Put your social on auto-pilot

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